Unit of Judo

by Zadok

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This is Zadok's most well-recorded tape, recorded and mixed by Sam Grant at Blank Studios in early 2011. Find out about this most excellent of bands at zadok.wordpress.com and also check out some lunatic scholarship here zadokproggrungefolk.tumblr.com/thehistoryoftheband

here's a review of the EP mwdreviews.com/zadok-unit-of-judo-ep-revie/ and here's another less favourable one of the lead track: zadok.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/1336/


released June 1, 2013

Al Roberts - Bass.
Pete Devlin - Keys and backing vocal.
Franko Morgan - Drum kit.
Chris Minnis - guitar and vocal.

Songs and melodies written by Chris Minnis. Bullshit radar, rugged wisdom and patter supplied by Al Roberts. Actual deployment made possible by the mighty ZADOK, with special thanks to Pete "Golden Voice" Devlin and Francis "Franko" Morgan.

Also cheers to Bob Cooper, Pete Currie and other excellent folk who are aware of their conti-booshon.



all rights reserved


Minnis UK

Unbearded prog rocker collides with native grunge-folk mythology, spoken word + fuzzy fusion rock.
YOUTUBE: bit.ly/1Shdfoc
MAILING LIST: eepurl.com/VD1ZH

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Track Name: Unit of Judo
A family sat at table to discuss the day's events and now the steps
they'd have to take.

This leads to some unpleasant scenes regarding indiscretions that their middle son had made. They fortify the house, looted supplies and burn the staircase out, to save them from the storm.

A plan was hatched despite the murderous fog of good old fashioned shotgun wedding fever rippling through the town. To tunnel into fortress through adjacent neighbour residence and to hunt the bridegroom down. But - Landlord cries out "Listed building - inner walls are sacrosanct - you must try underground!".

Clearly your actions and their consequences have reached me! You crawled into a house of flies and made a scene! I'd have to take your family name and throw it in the snow. From here on in you will be known as 'Unit of Judo'.You crawled into a house of flies and made a scene! Stay away from mirrors and don't fall asleep!
Track Name: Unit of Judo II : Emotional Breakfast
Unit wakes up.
Although quite unwell he prepares to make good on a
gentleman's bet! He walks to the depot and addresses the yard - saying "I'll be the last one alive of you".

Yet there's a gloom on the town since his recent return. Steady as ever, Unit waits his turn. Our hero steps out on a glum constitutional, grimacing now as he walks past the well.

Unit it's time you had left this place. There's no sense in your hanging around - the locals have taken offence at you and are digging a hole in the ground. If you speak they'll compare themselves unfavourably to you.

That's not good news - and there's a spy in your house, my misguided old friend, who is set to sell out and deliver you. Safe for now - their hands are tied, but the second you set outside?

Unit wake up there is much to do -and but two hours before the dawn!Just sufficient to settle your earthly affairs and show Langley Park who you are. Has breakfast and gathers a few treasured things.

Writes to a daughter he's still never seen. Unit feels old as he poisons the water and is wringing wet hands as he walks from the well. "Safe for now, have cast the die - they're building toward the sky, but the water table's mine".

Safe for now, your hands are tied. The second you step outside they'll set to on you the minute that you step outside! So long!
Track Name: Unit of Judo III : The wreck of the Riley Morton
Unit's eyes snap wide open as the good Riley bounces along. We can't sleep on ceremony forever on the merchant 'Riley Morton!'

The Captain's eyes are too close together. The true name of this craft is
too long. It seems they'll be dining together, the poisoner and the
sea dog.

Right on time! Up and over the side - to wave, not to drown in the boiling foam. He's holding the stone.

It's safe now to go all to pieces, as the 'sea's seventh seal' comes unsewn! Unit has taken initiative with ingredients of his own - an Hallucino-soupstone.

If THAT's true, and Unit over the side, we're all in for a ride in the
boiling foam, if he sank like a stone!

Like any lopsided settlement, this sets a dangerous precedent. The sands could pack us down like sediment - a walk in wardrobe fossil record. A set dinner Archeopterex! Aboard the great 'Riley Morton' there is a dread wave

Painted up to look like meat and thrown over the side, then climbing hand over hand on a knotted mercy line. In other words, murdered then saved in the nick of time!

It's not looking too good for you now - pair off and give up. If you want we can give you a shove.
Track Name: Caltrops
We ride at noon. A greasy spoon, a service station sandwich.
A grateful nod from unexpected quarters as the heat went out of the day.

Machine still needs nutrition despite operator change. A simple and then central apprehension that some obstacles remain.

A simple change has taken place - the end result remains to be seen.

Caltrops across the riverbed instead.
Suspended, sharpened - held by hairs' breadth ticker tape anomaly.

It's funny to think the whole bloody thing could have been avoided. A simple mistake, a combinatory of factors. A common thread running through each morning.

And you'd better think of a name for these people!

If your books are an oil sump for a hamster wheel heart, be sure to be careful what you read after dark ! When the warden comes round with a shower of bastards DEMANDING a coin be placed into his basket, will you go toe to toe with his two lads of eighteen and nineteen, built like outhouses, nothing between the ears?

Your cells are expendable, built to expire - but right now, the I of your I's two left feet are on fire. Let them in!