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TOWN 3-track EP.

Sagan Mega Drive is a grunge-prog music project made up by Christopher Minnis with help from local and sometimes distant geniuses.

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released July 1, 2014

All instruments and illicit programming by Chris Minnis except: Al Roberts: Fender Bass on Ivory Rib Upgrade; Paul Wilson played drums throughout; Additional keyboards: Pete Currie and Pete Devlin; Additional guitars on 'Town' - Jonathan Vipond. Tracking at Blank Studios with Sam Grant. Mixed by Minnis. With a lot of swearing and dead ends. Ultimately at some point you have to go "OK time to work on the next one, just put it out". Supra-useful mixing input and Juno from Jan Rezner, and technological salvation from Dee Dowling at Ginger Music Co. Thanks all.



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Minnis UK

Unbearded prog rocker collides with native grunge-folk mythology, spoken word + fuzzy fusion rock.

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Track Name: Town
Our wall is built - announce it in the town. 200 feet high, three miles round. Tall enough to stand stock still, handbuilt, bespoke, modular. A monument significant in scale. Equivalent of dead man's switch. A letter signed and fastened with a seal. Entrants, incumbents, births and burials.
Track Name: Ivory Rib Upgrade
Talk turns to improvement. They're standing in a stable. They're led into a side room to a lifesize equine skeleton. Not suitable for underwater use, and running stock parts on a day like today is no use. Faster and more agile, protection for the organs. What are the odds that strong rain stops play once the electrical games are underway? Who's the director or can't you say?
Track Name: Elastic Prawn Modulus
Fold yourself up. post first class alive. Remind yourself a mountain is just young sand. breadboard me a box of fuzz to claw my pride aside. You know me, forgetful dextrous bamboo that bends in the breeze, deep roots like you. Eccentric shoots. Hiding in plain sight.